What we do
We make Melbourne’s original and best brownie cookie sandwiches: the Butterbing. Two dark chocolate brownie cookies joined with delicious buttercream. We proudly source ethical & natural ingredients and work with local company, Cargone Couriers, to delivery most of our cookies by bike. Our creations can be found at our Melbourne’s favourite cafes or even better, we’ll deliver it directly to your door.

Butterbing’s History
In 2013, I started a bakery in my home, making slices and biscuits for nearby cafes. I had nothing but time to invest and get the bakery going, so I kept it simple. I had a stand mixer and a few bowls, and bought ingredients from my local IGA. My fondest memory of these early days is the ‘Honesty Fridge’ on my front porch. My neighbours would drop by, pick out a sweet and slide a few coins under my front door. Often they would leave lovely notes, it was very sweet.

After a few months, I created what are now known as Butterbings. Pretty soon I was in a situation, the popularity of my new product took me by surprise and my oven could only make 6 (yes 6!) at time. I would bake for 16 hours then get on the bike and deliver the cookies to the city. It was exhausting, but I’m a pretty stubborn and proud person, so I kept going.
So, a choice was made, I stopped making my other products, I rebranded as Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches, I moved into a commercial kitchen and hired a team of bakers.

This was a huge decision of me, but ultimately ended up being the best choice I ever made. I adore my team (nay.. my saviours) and together we now bake for over 120 cafes. It’s mammoth effort but we love it.

I’m curious to see where this journey takes me and invite you to follow. I’m strong believer, that if you’re honest, determined and focused, you can really do whatever you want in life. I’ve got some big goals I want to achieve… let’s see if I get there.

x Simone
Miss Butterbing