Adventure Mix #17B – 16 Cookies

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  • Assorted Flavours - Mixed Box – 16 Cookies - Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches - Same Day Delivery Melbourne
  • Adventure Mix #17B  – 16 Cookies
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  • Jaffa Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches Ingredients and Calories
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  • Adventure Mix #17B  – 16 Cookies
  • Adventure Mix #17B  – 16 Cookies

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Adventure Mix #17 Big Box

A mixed box filled with four Limited Edition Butterbings. When you just can't decide... why not try one of each! Four deliciously fun flavours.

The mix of flavours are: 

Spiced Mexican milk-choc buttercream with a right amount of chilli and cinnamon.

When we designed our mint flavour, we set out to achieve the same taste and texture as Arnott’s famous Mint Slice - we think we nailed it

Creamy milk chocolate ganache with a hint of coffee and loaded with crushed roasted hazelnuts.

A classic flavour combo based on Jaffas. Made with orange essential oil for a strong hit of flavour. 

This image does not capture the true colouring of each flavour. See single flavour product boxes for more on a particular flavour. 

Allergen Information

Contains hazelnuts, milk, soy and eggs (cooked). May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts and wheat due to shared equipment. 

Are Butterbings gluten free?

Yes, however, our kitchen is not certified gluten-free. We carefully source gluten-free ingredients and wash equipment thoroughly but out of respect for those with coeliac disease, we choose not to offer a 100% gluten-free guarantee.

Individual size: 7.5cm
Individual weight: 75g
Pack size: 16 assorted cookie sandwiches (4 of each flavour)
Serves: 16 people
Shelf Life: 5 Days
Storage: Airtight and refrigerated
Serve: Best at ambient temperature or some like them cold
Nutritional Information, Ingredients & Calories: Refer to image in gallery

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